We Are Different and you can see the difference!

Why Choose The Puzzleface?

Our Mission Statement:

At the Puzzleface Ranch, it is our belief and mission to preserve the right to ride and keep horses for the present and future generations; by promoting interest in horses, fostering positive relationships between horse and rider, and educating youth and adults alike about the power of partnership with a non-verbal creature. The outside of a horse is good for the inside of all.

Puzzleface Rules because we Have Rules!

 We are different because of our High Standards!  Our impeccable safety record spans decades of safe learning experiences.  We accomplish a healthy learning environment with low student to instructor ratios, healthy horses, and well-rounded and up-to-date instructors. Our lessons go beyond the barn and apply to life-long skills and lessons. 

"All kids should own a horse, so they learn how to parent."

*We Win At All Facets of Life.

*We Have Respect for Our Bodies, Our Horses, and the Facilities.

*We Are Responsible for Our Actions.