Puzzleface Rules because we Have Rules!

*We Win At All Facets of Life.

*We Have Respect for Our Bodies, Our Horses, and the Facilities.

*We Are Responsible for Our Actions.

 We are different because of our High Standards!  Our impeccable safety record spans decades of safe learning experiences.  We accomplish a healthy learning environment with low student to instructor ratios, healthy horses, and well-rounded and up-to-date instructors. Our lessons go beyond the barn and apply to life-long skills and lessons. 

Why Choose The Puzzleface?

Our Mission Statement:

At the Puzzleface Ranch, it is our belief and mission to preserve the right to ride and keep horses for the present and future generations; by promoting interest in horses, fostering positive relationships between horse and rider, and educating youth and adults alike about the power of partnership with a non-verbal creature. The outside of a horse is good for the inside of all.

"All kids should own a horse, so they learn how to parent."

We Are Different and you can see the difference!