Our 4 Day schedule runs Monday-Thursday from 9:30-4:00. Students need to bring a healthy lunch.


Morning session: 9:00-12:30

Afternoon Session: 1:00-4:30

Academy students may stay a full day when arrangements are made ahead of time. An additional $50/hr will be charged.

Stay any single full day

​Pricing & Schedule

Students will do a variety of activities!

Students will participate in chores; which include cleaning stalls, scrubbing water buckets, bathing horses, and watering. We want students to have a sense of responsibility. They will also be involved in lessons related to all things horses. They will learn about the tack they will be using and parts of their saddles. We have lessons on teeth and how to age a horse based on what is happening in their mouths as well as markings and theories on how it relates to the horses' personalities. Students will also learn about anatomy and confirmation.

We will have breaks for snack so be sure to send your student with a healthy snack as we do not provide them with one. If your student is staying all day please be sure to send a healthy lunch and water bottle. 

During the day students are constantly busy and we like to reward their efforts by giving them some free time to play and connect with their fellow students in an unstructured form. We want them to be able to use their imaginations and let loose.

Students will ride at different times during the day. Students will ride indoors and outdoors, so please be prepared for anything. We have lockers in the barn for your students to put their personal things in. Helmets are available upon request. Please no flip flops. If you or your student does not have boots we have choices on the wall so please come with tennis shoes at least.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us!!!